Railway engineering

Rail transport is the most widely used mode of transport in world for both passengers & goods. With very bright future prospects in Railways in Nepal, requirement of Railway engineer in decent number is obvious. Also with the introduction of high speed railway transportation systems worldwide, requirement of highly skilled manpower for smooth running of these systems has also increased. Imparting relevant knowledge of several disciplines in a planned & concise manner can produce such skilled manpower having expertise to contribute in different aspects of rail transportation such as, laying & maintenance of track, knowledge of rolling stock, power generation & transmission, signaling & control, communication & safety.
To fulfill these requirements, there are few universities in India and abroad offering a 4-year B.Tech degree program in Rail Transportation Engineering interweaving the relevant contents of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering & Computer Science & Engineering. A graduate from this discipline will have career opportunities in Indian Railways & its associates as well as in large number of ancillary industries, both private & public sector. The knowledge gained from this program will also provide enough confidence to start-up entrepreneurial ventures to feed railway systems. 

Programme Objectives

  • To impart knowledge in relevant fields so that the students are acquainted with all aspects of rail transportation.
  • To complement the theoretical knowledge through laboratory practices as well as industrial exposures in Nepal & abroad.
  • To apprise students about the laws & regulations governing railway professionals & to make them aware about their ethical & societal responsibilities.
  • To introduce the component of research so that the students having proper attitude can pursue research as a career.


  • Pass in 10+2 Science from a recognised board.

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