How can Foreign Degree be Equivalent to TU in Nepal?

What is Equivalent Certificate?

Equivalent Certificate is a certificate which confirms that the degree obtained in foreign university is recognized and equivalent to the degree obtained in Nepal. It is usually done for foreign degrees.


  1. Go to TU Curriculum Development Centre (CDC), Kritipur
  2. Verify with the CDC officials about your degree if it has already been equivalent before or not.
    Note: Do ask the officials if you need to equivalent your degree if you have graduated from any university besides TU like Pokhara or Purbanchal (as I had to get an equivalency for my Bachelor degree from Pokhara university too)
  3. List of Documents Required
  4. If your degree has already been equivalent before:
    Depends on the level you are applying for equivalency. E.g.
    For Masters – all the documents from your masters and bachelor degree
    For Bachelors – all the documents from your bachelor and 10+2 degree
  5. If your degree has not been equivalent before:
    All the documents from point (a) plus –
    – Syllabus

       – Thesis/research (if applicable)

  – Translated paper from Biswa Bhasa if the certificate is in language other than           English

  • Passport and Visa proof photocopy if you graduated from countries except India
  • Filled Form (available at CDC office)

4. Notary
Get all your documents notarized before submission.
(Notary place is just outside the TU gate near the petrol pump station)

  • Equivalency Fee (at Nepal Bank which luckily is beside the CDC building)
    NPR 1000 (if your degree has already been equivalent before)
    NPR 4000 (if your degree has not been equivalent before)

Note: Do verify your documents with the officials first before paying any fees

   Details of Bank Voucher

   Account Holder Name: Curriculum Development Center

  Account No: 1805

  • Equivalency Certificate Issue Time
    1 Day – collect after 12 pm (if your degree has already been equivalent before)
    1 – 2 months (if your degree has not been equivalent before)P. S. The above points are just the summary so it’s always better to ask the CDC officials directly. Also the CDC lunch time is between 1.30 to 2.30 pm and the bank closes at 3 pm, so plan beforehand.

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