What are MOOCs? MOOCs are courses delivered online and accessible to all for free. MOOC stands for massive open online course: Massive because enrollments are unlimited and can run into hundreds of thousands. Open because anyone can enroll — that is, there is no admission process. Online because they are delivered via the internet. Course because their goal is […]

For most students in class 10th, visions of a career path are mostly restricted to childhood dreams. “I’ll grow up to be a pilot…a teacher…a Banker…a doctor!” Ever since those early flights of fancy, very few actually give their career choice a serious thought. Yet as class 9th ends or class 10th begins, all of a sudden, […]

It might be confusing for the first time to many of students after NEB published the results in the grading system. If you are not known about how NEB grading system works; above is the detail explanation of the newly implemented NEB grading system. Those students who obtained D + or lower grade in any […]

So you’ve gotten used to magical country India – it’s vibrant colours, melange of smells and humidity. At this point it’s safe to say you have settled into student life. The next thing on your to-do list – To explore the many contrasts, the spiritual, the multicultural and the scenic. Here are some valuable tips […]

Over the years, India’s contribution to the development of human resources in Nepal has been one of the major aspects of India-Nepal cooperation. • Around 3000 scholarships/seats are provided every year by Government of India through the Embassy of India, Kathmandu, to Nepali nationals for undergoing various courses at the level of Ph.D/Masters, Bachelors for […]

The SAT, a standardised test developed by the College Board, is used for undergraduate college admissions in the United States. The commonly known SAT, specifically the SAT I, tests high school students in English Language and Math while the SAT II: Subject Tests assesses students on individual subjects, such as Physics or Mathematics. They are […]

Actuaries are among the highest paid professionals today. Actuarial Sciences are often called financial astrologers applying statistical methods and mathematical skills to determine level of risk in finance, insurance and other professions. Endless opportunities, assurance of high salary and high job security are some of the reasons why actuarial sciences is emerging to be a […]

When I first heard there is something called ethical hacking, and people get paid to do it, my eyes widened. How cool is that! Many of you must have thought the same thing when you crossed paths with this field. The mystery and allure connected to hacking has attracted many people. In my high school […]

Ethical Hacking is becoming a highly regarded profession in India these days and is synonymous with “Internet-Security”. It opens plenty of job opportunities in both public as well as private sector. Professionals engaged in this field primarily utilize in-depth computer knowledge and creativity to seek out the vulnerable areas in the systems so as to […]

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning is a field of study that applies the principles of computer science and statistics to create statistical models, which are used for future predictions (based on past data or Big Data) and identifying (discovering) patterns in data. Machine learning is itself a type of artificial intelligence that allows software applications […]